Some assembly required

Some assembly required

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Engine Work Continues...

The engine is still undergoing assembly. It is down to the nitty gritty. The search parts, and fasteners whose location were long ago forgotten... and those that were not, are scoured with any number of solvents, with ever more potent braincell killing powers.

The dent was beaten out of the oil pan. The torn fuel pump gasket has been replaced. Three head alignment dowel pins have been installed... as only one came back from the machine shop. A number of 1/4 inch pipe plugs recessed allen heads have been installed, after searching high and low for such beasties.

The timing cover has been cleaned up, straightened... and the seal which was glued in with the most tenaciousness stuff in the universe has been removed. The paint can used to support it while it was smacked out with a drift, will never be the same. The big socket I usually use to pop them out slid through the middle... my seal puller is still depressed. My drift went through the steel shell more than once. In the end, with ever increasing hammer size and drift diameter it succumbed to a force mightier than the sword or pen... the hammer! (PETA Announcement: No live seals were harmed in the writing of this paragraph...)

Soon enough this Chevrolet will be painted. It will be painted red, but only under fluorescent lights... under any other it will closely resemble international safety orange. The engineers at Chevy must have been trying to warn us car guys...