Some assembly required

Some assembly required

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frame removal.

How does one remove the body of a car, when they lack a building of sufficient strength to use the rafters to support the weight? Two floor jacks, a few four by fours, and six jack stands. A little bit of back yard ingenuity... and a friend (Thanks Rob!) to help out.

Remove the rocker panels, and anything that spreads the gap between the body and frame. Jack the body up from the frame on the rocker channels, and place jack stands along the edge alternating sides. Once high enough to slide a 4x4 between the gap, make blocks under the cowl body mounts that extend low enough that the 4x4's do not touch the front fenders. There is a recess for the 4 inch wide cradle used at the factory. On the rear half of the car, lay a 4x4 across just behind the seat belt reinforcement.

Jack up one 4x4 and and move that pair of jack stands under it, far enough outboard to clear the frame. Alternate raising until the body clears the frame, my jack stands did not go high enough to back the chassis out from under the body. I removed the wheels and used one jack under the front cross member and one under the differential.

Once the frame is out from under the body, lower it down to sane levels and brace the nose so it does not flex the bonding seams and crack.

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