Some assembly required

Some assembly required

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Welcome everyone. I'm Zach, this is the place for photos and information about my 1975 Corvette, and its frame off restoration!

It’s been a long project with lots of hurdles to overcome, but the light is at the end of the tunnel. She was in need of a complete restoration when I got her. Eggshell white paint... textured about the same as one too!

It all started with the replacement of the exhaust system. She was not road legal, with all the emissions equipment missing and dual exhaust. I started removing the exhaust system, and one of the studs on the passenger side. It all spiraled down hill from there, before I knew it the air conditioning was out of the way and the manifold was coming off. Then one of the heads stripped out... and the engine was coming out. Uhoh.

I pulled the engine and the transmission as one unit... and somewhere along the way decided to rebuild the engine, while I was in there. While I was cleaning out the engine compartment, and spotted a tear in the frame. Uhoh!

"While I'm at it" is a disease known to car guys 'round the world. With great expense and time, the desire to do things right drags projects on and on! Things spiraled out of control as my simple exhaust system replacement turned to frame off restoration.

The Corvette, is a Coupe… that’s T-tops for those without the secrete decoder ring. It has the L48 model engine, which in stock form made 165 ground shaking, thumping… horsepower. It has an automatic transmission, a TH400, which is a three speed without overdrive. The numbers match.

Originally she was “Bright Blue” with a blue custom interior. Power windows, Tilt/telescoping wheel… fully loaded!

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